Anni H. Autio
Senior Engineer and Director of Lab

Anni H. Autio is a licensed professional engineer who brings to T&L a wide range of experiences. She is experienced in all phases of environmental projects including air, water, solid waste, and hazardous waste, has developed over 100 cost-effective and timely solutions for site work/land (re)development projects, and has completed environmental assessments on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings/properties. She has managed task orders funded at over $6.7 million and asbestos and chemical analytical laboratories subcontract awards in excess of $7.5 million. She was a Project Manager on a $1.5 million program for building audits and hazardous material identification and removal for three subway station modernization projects in Boston, and was a Building Audit Task Manager, Environmental Building Audits for the Central Artery/Tunnel construction in Boston. Autio has also managed a $17 million remedial design and construction contract for a 24-acre unlined industrial landfill and 4-acre contaminated wetland.

Within her project assignments, Ms. Autio was responsible for the preparation and technical review of project documents, including field and analytical sampling and analysis plans (SAPs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs); analytical data quality and consistency; subcontractor training and oversight; and performance evaluation study execution.

Some of Ms. Autio’s professional achievements include:

  • Technical documents – Prepared SAPs, remedial design plans, and summary reports. Performed technical reviews on new investigation plans, including new field SOPs and quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures, new laboratory audit program and site-wide QA project plan.
  • Analytical consistency - Developed a laboratory indoctrination and training program to ensure consistency and communicate the complexity and modifications to the analytical methods specific to project.
  • Subcontractor management – Directed procurement, sample analysis volume and turnaround schedules, invoice processing, payments, and quality assurance on project hard copy deliverables.
  • Performance evaluation study- Worked on a client study for more than 7 years focusing on identifying low detection, mass-production asbestos test methods. The study was one of a kind and required understanding test methods, documenting all of the modifications and intricacies developed to date, and maintaining the program history.
  • Cost savings - Managed an onsite mobile laboratory program to maintain high resource utilization and efficiency with negligible project interruption, achieving a cost savings of more than $500,000 in 2003 with team subcontractor cooperation and satisfaction.
  • Project team coordination- Aligned procurement, QA, and field operations staff; client technical and contracting staff; subcontractor staff, and a variety of other project team staff including client consultants, constantly monitoring the work that achieved outstanding quality performance evaluations from the client.

Ms. Autio’s many professional activities involve the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section/ASCE, the Board of Advisors for the School of Engineering at the University of Vermont-Burlington, and the Civil Engineering Technology Program Industry Professional Advisory Committee (IPAC) at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston. Her educational background includes both a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.


  • Professional Engineer: Massachusetts (#37759)


  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA


  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Board Certified Environmental Engineer
  • OSHA 40-hour Health & Safety Training Course
  • OSHA 6-hour Confined Space Entry Course
  • OSHA 10-hour Construction Health & Safety Course

Professional Activities

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE): Vice President 2005-2007; New England (District 2) Director 2002-2005; Region I Historian 2007-present.
  • Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section/ASCE: President 1997-1998; President-elect 1996-1997; Senior Vice President 1994-1996; Vice President 1993-1994; Secretary 1992-1993; Historian 1999-present.
  • University of Vermont-Burlington, VT: School of Engineering Board of Advisors.
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA: Member, Civil Engineering Technology Program Industry Professional Advisory Committee (IPAC).