Henry R. Heywood

Professional Experience
Henry R. (Bob) Heywood is Chief Executive Officer of The Thompson & Lichtner Company, Inc. He joined the firm's Laboratory Testing and Inspection Division in 1974, transferred to the Weatherproofing Services Division where he became senior specialist in 1979, senior manager in 1982, vice president in 1984, and president in 1998. In 2003, he became the owner.

Since joining T & L, Mr. Heywood's professional assignments have been concerned almost exclusively with the identification, analysis, and solution of weatherproofing design and construction problems in building envelopes, from below grade to roofs. He has been responsible for the conduct of hundreds of investigations of water leakage through building facades, including windows, curtain walls, doors, masonry, panel systems, roofs and sealants. He has devised special field testing procedures to isolate the sources and paths of water penetration into low-rise and high-rise structures. He has conducted laboratory research to evaluate compatibility and durability of weatherproofing materials.

In addition, Mr. Heywood has investigated weatherproofing failures in roofing membranes, exterior wall insulation and finish systems, window and curtain wall systems, sealants, adhesives and flashings. Based on extensive practical experience gained in these investigations, he has provided advisory services to owners, architects and contractors concerning all phases of weatherproofing protection of new and historical building structures, with special emphasis on the detailing necessary to achieve effective performance. He has conducted training sessions on these issues for members of building project teams, as well as, currently, managers and workers concerned with waterproofing of the Central Artery/Tunnel project in Boston, Massachusetts. He has prepared specifications for weatherproofing corrective work based on his investigations and he has provided expert testimony in depositions, arbitrations, and court litigation concerning these investigations.

Mr. Heywood is in charge of the firm's inspection and testing services relating to below-grade and above-grade weather-proofing of building construction. He is responsible for the assignment and performance of our staff of weatherproofing engineers and inspectors in their inspection and testing of window systems, curtain wall systems, masonry walls, EIFS wall systems, precast concrete wall systems, sealants, flashings and roofing systems.

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Civil Engineering (4 Years)

Other Professional Activities
Mr. Heywood has presented talks to manufacturers, contractors and academic groups on weatherproofing materials and procedures. At annual Build Boston symposiums of the Boston Society of Architects, he has given seminars and workshops to architects and building professionals on concrete restoration and weatherproofing, weatherproofing of masonry construction and weather-proofing of windows/curtain walls.

Mr. Heywood is an active member of the Building Envelope Committee of the Boston Society of Architects. He has presented a seminar on "Flashing of Masonry Walls" and he provides his knowledge and extensive experience to the Committee in its role of extending the knowledge of the profession regarding windows, curtain walls and the building envelope in general and the window/wall interface in particular.

Mr. Heywood also served as a member of the Building Committee, Town of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

• Boston Society of Architects (BSA)
• American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
• Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute