Michael Vielmetti

Professional Experience
Michael Vielmetti is the President of The Thompson & Lichtner Company, Inc. and joined the staff as a field engineer in 1973 following his graduation from Southeastern Massachusetts University and has over 30 years of experience in most areas of Thompson & Lichtner's consulting, construction inspection, and testing services.

Since 1976, Mr. Vielmetti has focused on issues related to the weatherproofing of new and renovated building construction. As a senior engineer, he was involved in field inspections and water tests. The inspections included condition surveys of existing buildings; inspections of buildings under construction from the weatherproofing and flashing installations of back-up walls at masonry/stone veneer constructions to field installed EIFS systems; plant inspections of EIFS wall panel system constructions; field installation of metal panel systems; field inspection of curtain wall installations; and windows and door systems installation and the flashing tie-ins at the perimeters of these systems.

Mr. Vielmetti has extensive field experience with: the installation of PVC, EPDM, TPO, and SBS roof systems and their tie-ins to walls, parapets and roof edges; the installation of waterproof membranes on foundation walls, plaza decks, and balcony decks; performing air infiltration and water penetration tests of windows and horizontal sliding doors, window walls, storefront windows and curtain walls installed in building facades of all types; and air infiltration, water penetration, and structural tests of windows, and mock-up walls tested in our test chamber at our laboratory.

Since becoming manager of weatherproofing services eight years ago, he has performed and been responsible for condition surveys of existing commercial building facades which have included structural brick walls with brick/stone exterior with wood floor and roof framing installed in pockets in the interior, steel-framed building with the steel framing embedded in the brick/terracotta masonry behind the exterior veneer, and exposed concrete framed buildings and concrete framed building embedded in masonry walls. The buildings in these categories have generally been constructed between the 1860's and 1950's.

Mr. Vielmetti has performed and overseen water leakage evaluations in recently constructed commercial building facades from buildings of structural masonry walls to those clad in masonry/stone veneer, precast concrete wall panels, field applied and panelized EIFS wall system, metal wall panels, and window walls. He has been involved in water leakage evaluations of plaza deck membranes both exposed and covered and water leakage beneath roof membranes of all types.

The condition surveys have usually been the first step in a complete repair program and he has prepared technical specification sections for the repair/replacement of weatherproofing flashings, damaged and deteriorated brick and stone masonry, repairs to exposed concrete, and EIFS replacements of window systems, deck membranes and roof membrane systems, and the associated drawings for other Architectural and Engineering firms and for repair/ maintenance specifications prepared by The Thompson & Lichtner Company.

Southeastern Massachusetts University
North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
B. S. in Civil Engineering Technology; 1973